On the corner of the streets Tomášská and Letenská at Prague's Malá Strana district stands the ancient, former burgher, building U Schnellů No. 27. In core a gothic building with renaissance elements, it once held the name U zlatého Čápa (at the Golden Stork), and has witnessed a great deal of history. The building was named after Tomáš Schnell, a merchant who acquired it in 1787. Immediately after the building was bought, Tomáš Schnell began a number of reconstructions, the most significant of which was in 1811 under the leadership of court architect Josef Zobel (1744-1814). This is how the house acquired its current classicist style.


Since time immemorial, the building has housed the Old Prague restaurant, which preserves the memory of its many famous visitors in its walls. In his time, the king of Bohemian theatre, actor Eduard Vojan, spent long hours here smoking more than just one cigar. He did not have far to go as, since 1910, he lived at U Verdugu No. 147 at the nearby Old Castle Staircase. The public house was sought by many including Ignát Herrmann, Antonín Klášterský, Rudolf Friml, and Karel Hašler; actress Jiřina Šejbalová liked to come and spend time here with her friends.